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Conçu avec comme objectif de venir en aide de manière concrète au peuple palestinien, le blog se verra ajouter des liens vers des associations humanitaires qui oeuvrent en faveur du peuple palestinien et spécialement de l'enfance palestinienne et de l'éducation et de la culture. J'espère que vous prendrez plaisir à lire les poèmes et que vous en profiterez pour découvrir les nombreux projets menés. Je recherche des poèmes écrits en français en relation avec la Palestine.

dimanche 13 août 2017

Damascus Gate

Damascus Gate

I didn’t hear it in Jerusalem
at Damascus Gate
three bodies dropped a mile away
while we sat and ate
Falafel sandwiches in the heat,
before we walked to a house,
to see folk spat at
as the sun sank down.
Ramadan waited and soldiers fell in
mouths dripping
on the smooth yellow rock.
and as we walked Kate said
I’ll take the big one,
you take the little two.
And we stared at the whites of their eyes
and teeth. The brown of their shirts
and grey of their guns.
There are black mosques, green crescents,
Red kuffiyehs sprayed on every wall.
Red stands for liberation
for a brand new nation
filled with pilgrims and settlers.
And we passed through them: the soldiers
like ghosts, our tongues trapped,
our eyes holding on to souvenirs
pictures of the pope and jesus, T-shirts
that say “God Bless Israel.”
And around us just a market, flat breads
and pancakes stacked for sundown;
the excitement and hunger shaking
the thirst of the small dry places
through the old town.
The soldiers poured their bottles out
like rivers
And a small brown boy, taller than the wall,
threw a stone.
( Henry Bell ) 

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